Financial Ratio Analysis - Activity 19 : Vodafone EPS

Activity 19 : Vodafone EPS

Go to the database and find the data you need to calculate the EPS for Vodafone and then calculate it for the two years for which you have data.

Here are two templates to help you along: aren't we kind?

Consolidated Profit and Loss Account
31 Mar 2002 31 Mar 2001
Profit for the financial period (£)    
Weighted average number of issued shares    

  31 Mar 2002 31 Mar 2001
__________ £ ______ __________ £ ______

Did you get this?

Big numbers for the profit and the shares but in the end, as we should expect by now, the EPS for Vodafone is a disaster - negative and relatively large. For every share, ordinary shareholders have lost 25 pence in 2002 and they lost 16 pence in 2001. The Carphone Warehouse's shareholders have made gains on average per share.

Advanced: Special note on the EPS

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