Employer/Employee Rights and Responsibilities - Research Project

Research Project

Employer/Employee Rights and Responsibilities - The Report

Let's now move to the latter part of our investigation and try to put what we have discovered together.

You should be aware of the following:

  • That both employers and employees have rights and responsibilities
  • There are key areas of law that cover the main issues where rights and responsibilities are laid out
  • That both employers and employees have the right to take issues to court if disagreements or suggestions that the law has been broken arise
  • That firms are expected to put in place policies and procedures to meet (at least) their statutory responsibilities
  • That there is a cost involved in putting these policies and procedures in place
  • That the cost of meeting their responsibilities may influence how firms behave
  • That the rights and responsibilities of firms, despite being covered by the same laws, may differ depending on the industry and the type of firm concerned because of the way the law is interpreted

The Report

  1. Choose ONE firm or industry and outline what the key employment rights and responsibilities are that affect that firm/industry.
  2. How do the various pieces of legislation that it faces affect its daily operation, organisation of work practices and behaviour?

The report should be no more than 4000 words in length.

The following links may be of further help to you with further research and in compiling your report.

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