Business Objectives: Public and Private Sector - Lesson Plan

Business Objectives: Public and Private Sector Aims - Lesson Plan: 1 x 1 hour lesson

A series of 'off the shelf' lesson plans and resources for use in the classroom. This lessons deals with Business Objectives: Public and Private Sector Aims and is relevant to the following specifications:

  • AQA: Module 3: 12.4, 12.5
  • Edexcel: Unit 1: Sections 1 and 2
  • OCR: Unit 2871


To investigate the competing aims of businesses in the private and public sector.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the lesson, students should understand the following:

  • The difference between a public sector organisation and a private sector organisation
  • The major objectives of business activity in the public sector
  • The major aims of business activity in the private sector


Lesson Structure:

  1. Begin the lesson with a review of the purpose of the lesson: the big picture.Using the mind map is recommended here. Students can be given a handout with the lesson objectives and space to write some responses underneath each one as a means of reviewing the work they do. (5 minutes)
  2. The class could be split into two groups at this point, with each group given the task of investigating the objectives of a sector. Alternatively, students can follow through the investigation for both sectors themselves.
  3. Students should look at two (probably no more than this) Web sites for local councils. The aim is to find out what services the local councils are responsible for. Students can be guided to the different activities of County Councils and District Councils (the government online service is a good resource for lots of useful information and this is a good opportunity to make students aware of its existence). Students should then write down the services provided on the handouts or on a large sheet of paper. Ask students to think of how the services might be funded. For example, councils will come and exterminate rats and wasps - but do householders have to pay? (In general, they do not for rats but do for wasps!)

    The sites below are particularly useful - students need to be able to locate the resources quickly rather than spend hours going through search engines, etc!
  4. The second investigation involves accessing information on aims and objectives from a selected group of companies in the private sector. The source of information for this is the Biz/ed Business Profiles ( Students should look at the mission statements for the companies - they will notice that there is no direct reference to 'making profits' but it could be inferred from the information in the mission statements. (Not all companies have a mission statement included so students will have to be selective.)
  5. These activities should take up the bulk of the lesson - maybe 40 minutes. If splitting the class into groups with different tasks, this can be shortened to 20 minutes to allow time to share ideas.
  6. Bring the class togeteher to discuss their findings - the aim is to get an agreed list of key objectives for public and private sector organisations.
  7. A short plenary can be held at the end to summarise the points discovered - the use of the PowerPoint Presentation at this point can help to reinforce the investigations carried out.
Related mind map: