Factors Affecting the Travel and Tourism Industry 1 - Lesson Plan

Factors Affecting the Travel and Tourism Industry 1 - Lesson Plan

This resource is designed specifically for Unit 1 of the Edexcel BTEC National qualification, 'The Travel and Tourism Industry', although it will be of relevance to centres following other awarding bodies' programmes.


To explore the factors affecting the travel and tourism industry. The lesson, which is the first in a two-part session, will focus on identifying how the industry adapts to changes in the business environment.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

  • Understand the factors affecting the travel and tourism industry
  • Carry out research and synthesise information from a range of sources
  • Match theory to practice by finding real world examples of change in the industry
  • Explore the reasons for the growth and decline of destinations


Lesson Structure:

  1. Outline the key learning outcomes of this session.
  2. Go through the PowerPoint Presentation.
  3. Give out the Activity sheet.
  4. Support and guide students through their investigations of the key Web resources identified in the Activity.
  5. Review the learning objectives of the session.

Key Skills:

The following list summarises relevant key skills for this lesson. The list is not exhaustive, in that students will often need to tackle additional activities in order to generate evidence that is sufficient to meet the specification:

Information Technology Level 3 - IT 3.3 Present information from different sources for two different purposes and audiences.

Note that tasks 3 and 4 provide activities which should produce evidence for this element of key skills.