The Marketing Mix in Travel and Tourism 1 - Lesson Plan

A lesson plan that introduces the Marketing Mix for the BTEC National Travel and Tourism.

The Marketing Mix in Travel and Tourism 1 - Lesson Plan

This resource is designed specifically for Unit 3 of the Edexcel BTEC National qualification, 'Marketing Travel and Tourism Products and Services', although it will be of relevance to centres following other awarding bodies' programmes.


To continue work on Unit 3, looking at market research and elements of the marketing mix applied to a travel and tourism facility involved in special interest tourism. The work is based on a case study of the Anantara Resort and Spa Elephant Camp, in northern Thailand. It is envisaged that this session is likely to require two lessons to cover the objectives. Students are likely to need independent time to complete all the research/activity tasks.

Note that the materials produced in this series of lessons will be relevant to other parts of the Travel and Tourism curriculum. We envisage that units of study within the BTEC Travel and Tourism for which these resources will be appropriate are as follows:

  • Tourist destinations - Unit 4
  • Tourism development - Unit 10
  • Special interest tourism - Unit 12

Learning Objectives:

By participating in this session, students will:

  • Reinforce their market research skills and understanding
  • Analyse a case study of a facility involved in special interest tourism
  • Give examples of the marketing mix elements that apply to the facility
  • Be encouraged to use the Web to find useful travel and tourism marketing resources
  • Analyse the facility's use of planning, product and price in its marketing mix
  • Produce a leaflet promoting the facility's services


Lesson Structure:

  1. Outline the learning objectives of the session.
  2. Go through the PowerPoint Presentation.
  3. Go through the Activity sheet.
  4. Guide learners through Tasks 1 to 3. Consider dividing the group into pairs or small teams.
  5. Support the group work through Tasks 1 to 3 by stopping the students and reviewing progress made to date.
  6. Review the answers to the tasks, using a spokesperson to report back to the whole group.
  7. Set promotional leaflet task for homework or independent study time.
  8. Review the learning objectives of the session.