Market Research Methods in Travel and Tourism - Lesson Plan

Market Research Methods in Travel and Tourism - Lesson Plan

This resource is designed specifically for Unit 3 of the Edexcel BTEC National qualification, 'Marketing Travel and Tourism Products and Services', although it will be of relevance to centres following other awarding bodies' programmes.


To continue work on Unit 3, looking at market research purposes and methods.

Learning Objectives:

By participating in this session, students will:

  • Understand the purpose of and need for market research
  • Be able to use key terminology in market research
  • Continue to find out more about a travel organisation first encountered in an earlier lesson
  • Be encouraged to use the Web to find useful travel and tourism marketing resources
  • Apply understanding of terms to actions taken by a travel organisation
  • Practice their analytical and evaluative skills by recommending market research action


Lesson Structure:

  1. Outline the learning objectives of the session.
  2. Go through the PowerPoint Presentation.
  3. Hand out the Activity sheet.
  4. Observe whether or not students recognise the travel organisation in the Activity (the coach operator concerned was first encountered in the Management Structures Activity).
  5. Guide learners through the tasks. This may be best handled by dividing the group into small teams of three or four.
  6. Support the group work at key stages by stopping the students and reviewing progress made to date.
  7. Review the answers to the tasks, using a spokesperson to report back to the whole group.
  8. Review the learning objectives of the session, setting unfinished task work for homework.