Special Interest Tourism 1 - Lesson Plan

A lesson plan that introduces Special Interest Tourism for the BTEC National Travel and Tourism.

Special Interest Tourism 1 - Lesson Plan


This is the first of two sessions concentrating on Special Interest Tourism. It is designed to provide material for a 90 minute session. The lesson is about investigating the location of special interest tourism and the nature of the activities involved.

Learning objectives

By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

  • Understand the breadth of special interest tourism products
  • Analyse some of the activities involved in special interest tourism
  • Appreciate that there are many overlaps in any categorisation of special interest tourism
  • Investigate the spectrum of 'dark tourism' activities and products
  • Analyse the growth in interest in this very special area of special interest tourism
  • Prepare for a further session on dark tourism in Chernobyl - site of the world's worst nuclear reactor disaster


Lesson structure

  1. Outline the key learning objectives of the session and point to other resources on the Learning Pathways
  2. Go through the presentation
  3. Give out the Activity sheet, pointing out that some of the visitor attractions to be discussed may be alarming for some learners of sensitive dispositions. Be prepared to be flexible in task-setting for these students
  4. Highlight the additional sources of information in the Activity
  5. Oversee the students' work on the tasks in the Activity. Discuss the tourism infrastructure mentioned in Task 2. Identify some key items of infrastructure in one or two cases
  6. Organise the students' work on producing a poster promoting a dark tourism product, perhaps encouraging the use of ICT. Discuss appropriate tone and language to be used in the poster
  7. Point learners to the resources identified for preparation for the next session. If time allows, begin to discuss the Chernobyl disaster and its effects, short and long term
  8. Review the learning objectives of the session and set task for preparation work for next session