Human Resource Management - Public Sector HRM

Human Resource Management - Public Sector HRM

OECD Public Management Service

The OECD Public Management Service (PUMA) Web site includes statistics and pay trends in the public sector. It is of special interest to managers working in the public sector.

NOTE: This site is available in English and French.

  • Select the About link and discover the aims of this site
  • Read through any of the What's New which are linked from the home page

NOTE: The topics on the home page change frequently, so it is well worth taking a regular look at the site to see what has been added.

  • Scroll down. Select Focus (bottom right) and read about recent national initiatives in public management from member countries

Focus Online is a weekly online newsletter prepared by the OECD Public Management Service. It reports on member countries' experiences and initiatives in the field of public management.

Further Reference

Public Service Commission (Australia)

Provides details of training programmes and Australian legislation; lists of publications; and lists of related sites.

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