Marketing - Case Studies

Marketing - Case Studies

One of the teaching uses of the Web is to provide access to additional and current material to support the more traditional case study approach. The Web offers excellent potential for investigating the ongoing developments within those organisations and keeping class discussions current.

European Case Clearing House

This is a subscription service hosted by Cranfield University. There are many case studies available from this service. The sites shown below are of particular interest and can be used either independently or as a supplement to standard case material.

Case Study 1: Benetton

Although this site has changed recently it still offers a great deal of information and comment on the value and use of 'controversy' in marketing communications. It offers access to all of Benetton's advertisements and comment on each regarding intent, complaints and accolades.

Case Study 2: Sara Lee Corporation

Many people have heard of Sara Lee and tend to associate the company with cakes and desserts. However, baked goods is only one of four arms of the company, which is a large (2001 turnover = US$17.7bn) international organisation involved in coffee and groceries; pre-packed meats and baked goods; personal products and hosiery; and household and body care products. The site provides an excellent case for the study of international expansion via acquisition (operations in 40 countries and sales in 140 and growing) and of portfolio management (150+ brands, many being market leaders, such as Kiwi shoe polish and Wonderbra). The site is a composite of a central corporate site with links into many individual product sites.

Case Study 3: The Virgin Group

Virgin offers great potential for studying the issue of brand extension in perhaps the best known example of successful unrelated diversification. While most people will know about the records, the airline, the cola, the financial services and/or the trains, few will have heard about a sixth business, manufacturing of promotional hot air balloons. The management of such a diverse range of businesses and the role of the entrepreneur within that group of businesses makes a fascinating study.

Further reference to e-marketing

Imarketing pro - your internet marketing resource

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