Introducing Biz/ed

Introducing Biz/ed

What is Biz/ed?

Biz/ed is an educational Internet service for students, teachers and lecturers of business and economics. Based at the Institute for Learning and Research Technology, University of Bristol, and launched in January 1996, Biz/ed is a dynamic service which has developed a wide range of materials. This section provides a brief introduction to the site.

Internet Resources Catalogue

Biz/ed hosts a searchable catalogue containing quality Internet resources that have been located, assessed and described by subject experts. The catalogue is continuously updated and can also be browsed by category.

Biz/ed offers a variety of information about the resources which match a search term, including title, description and keywords. The search term is highlighted in bold text wherever it appears in the resource records shown in the search results. The total number of records which contain the search term is also highlighted. It is also possible to construct more complex searches:

  • Select the Advanced Search option for guidance

The catalogue records are created by subject experts and any suggestions for new resources are always welcome. Use the Suggest option to contact Biz/ed with recommendations.


This section contains sample datasets from key providers. Datasets can be interrogated online and can also be downloaded to be used offline in spreadsheet packages. The UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) data are sample data provided free of charge.

The section also contains the Biz/ed 'In the News' archive. This can be searched or browsed to find news articles on economics and business issues back to 1997. The articles all include relevant business and economic theory to show how the news is related to the theory..

Learning Materials

Biz/ed has created unique resources which explore different aspects of the business and economics curricula. All of these resources can be viewed online or printed off.

  • Economics Materials include Internet-based worksheets, Powerpoint presentations and models, a glossary, a set of notes, question banks, case studies and searchable databases of economics resources and computer software
  • Business Studies Resources include a number of worksheets written by different authors and a substantial package on ratio analysis.
  • Internet Learning Materials for MBA Students available on the Web. The URLs mentioned in the paper version of these materials will be kept up to date and the content reviewed periodically
  • Study Skills provides a simple overview of the basic skills required by all students studying business and economics

Virtual Worlds

This section hosts large-scale learning resources which are unique to Biz/ed. The Virtual Worlds available are:

  • The Virtual Factory is a substantial resource available only on Biz/ed. Based on real life data provided by Cameron Balloons, who manufacture hot air balloons for customers all around the world, the Virtual Factory provides a unique insight into the business operation. The use of supporting materials and theoretical models in the Virtual Factory allows students to take a holistic view of the business operation.
  • The Virtual Economy, a combined micro and macro economic model of the economy was added to the section in 1999. The Virtual Economy was created in partnership with the Institute for Fiscal Studies and was funded by the Nuffield Foundation.
  • The Virtual Developing Country is a case study of Zambia and has a wide range of resources relating to development economics including data, worksheets, photos, maps and a development glossary. The main section of the site is based around a series of field trips looking at five core development issues - rural life and agriculture, copper, trade, aid and wildlife.
  • The Virtual Learning Arcade is a series of models and simulations relating to economics and business and includes a range of large scale and smaller scale simulations including a child poverty simulation, a labour supply model, a transport model of London and a range of supply and demand and business models.

Company Facts

Leading companies and organisations have supplied the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). Organised in a user-friendly format, the questions cover a wide range of business issues and can be used to produce a profile of the company, without approaching the company direct.

The companies currently available on Company Facts include:

  • Boots
  • McDonald's
  • Trades Union Congress

It is also possible to access a table of the FTSE 100 companies' Web sites from this section.

Hints and Tips for Getting the Most Out of Biz/ed

  • To see a quick overview of the site, select the Site Map option
  • To return to the Biz/ed home page from anywhere in the site, click on the Biz/ed logo which is located in the top left hand corner of any page
  • To find out more about Biz/ed, including contact details, select the Contact option at the foot of the left hand grey bar

Search Tips

  • It is possible to search the site by selecting the Search button on the left hand grey bar
  • For the best search results, take a little time to think about which keywords will be most effective
  • For a broad search, use a single keyword such as marketing, but be prepared for a long list of search results
  • For a more specialised search, try a combination of keywords, such as marketing AND channels

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