Cash Flow Learning Trail

A package of worksheets on cash flow for students, from the basic principles to the more advanced theory. The package is presented as a learning trail that progressively builds up the principles of cash flow.

Cash Flow Learning Trail

Welcome to the Biz/ed guide to studying Cash Flow in Business. This guide takes you through a 'learning trail'; this means that you progress from the GCSE basics right through to A-level. The trail allows you to exit and enter at any point and can take you, if you want, on diversions, to other resources within Biz/ed, and the wider Web, all of which are designed to expand your knowledge and understanding of Cash Flow in Business.

The guide is divided into 5 sections, these are:

  1. Introduction to Cash Flow; what is it for, the different types.
  2. The parts of a Cash Flow Statement; how do you construct a cash flow?
  3. Revision questions; how to construct answers to GCSE-type questions.
  4. Sources of Funding and solving cash flow problems
  5. In what ways is a Cash Flow different from a Profit and Loss Account?

If you are new or a relative beginner, start with Part 1. If on the other hand you are at a stage in your learning where you have a solid grasp of the basics, and now wish to progress, why not start with the revision questions in Part 3. You can move backwards or forwards through the trail by using the links at the foot of each page.

This 'trail of learning' has been prepared by Chris Stockton - Head of Economics & Business Studies at St. Michael's Llanelli.

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