Lesson Plans, Mind Maps and Activities for Educators

Case Studies

A Big 'Shout Out' that Needs to be Heard - 170504 (At Your Leisure)
All Gas and Profits? (Mind Your Business)
Alternative Fuels (Mind Your Business)
Center Parcs UK PLC: Where Leisure and Tourism Meet - 310105 (At Your Leisure)
Corporate Responsibility (Mind Your Business)
Countryside Change as the CRoW Flies - 130904 (At Your Leisure)
Dealing with Products and Managers that Fail: Corporate Cyanide and Executive Suicide (Wanna Argument)
Externalities and Non-Renewable Resources - 180405 (Problem Based Learning)
Farming and Diversification (Mind Your Business)
FlyBe: A Regional Specialist? (At Your Leisure)
Formula 1 - The Business of Money (Mind Your Business)
Freak Weather (Wanna Argument)
In Love with the Car (At Your Leisure)
Life in Mars? (At Your Leisure)
Low Flying Fares - 010304 (At Your Leisure)
Market Failure: Pollution, the Environment and Externalities - 271003 (Mind Your Business)
Marketing Glastonbury - 081203 (Mind Your Business)
Negative Externalities, Transport Policy and Congestion Charging - 230204 (Mind Your Business)
Oil, Petrol, Taxes and Elasticity - 061003 (Mind Your Business)
Packaging, Protection and Pollution (At Your Leisure)
Public Safety v. Personal Freedom: Should all Cyclists wear Helmets? - 170105 (At Your Leisure)
The Final Drag: England to Ban Smoking in Public Places - 221104 (At Your Leisure)
The Global Cruise Industry: Cruising for an Environmental Bruising? (Wanna Argument)
Total Recall? (At Your Leisure)
UK Farmers: Crisis Point or Just More Bleating? (Wanna Argument)
Which Way the Wind Blows? (Wanna Argument)

Business Focus

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Finding out more...

Sustainability [ Biz/ed Virtual Developing Country ] (General Resources)
The Challenge of Sustainability (Telephone interview) (Travel and Tourism podcast episode)
UK Aviation Emissions - Will the Cap Fit? (Travel and Tourism podcast episode)