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Case Studies

A Big 'Shout Out' that Needs to be Heard - 170504 (At Your Leisure)
Avoiding the Blame for Work-Based Fatalities (Wanna Argument)
Barring Entry to Bouncers: Licensing Door Supervisors - 180405 (At Your Leisure)
Business Ethics - 5 March 2007 (Problem Based Learning)
Calling Time on the Licensing Laws - 130904 (At Your Leisure)
Changes in the Workplace (Mind Your Business)
Child's Play, Kid Gloves and Keeping Mum: UK Children's Internet Use - 020505 (At Your Leisure)
Corporate Responsibility (Mind Your Business)
Data Handling and Social Inequalities (Mind Your Business)
Digital TV: Broadcast Heaven or Dumbed-Down Hell? (Wanna Argument)
Elvis Presley and Property Rights (Mind Your Business)
Fat Cat Pay - 4 December 2006 (Problem Based Learning)
Feminine Hygiene Products (Mind Your Business)
Forever on the Never-Never? (Wanna Argument)
From DIY to DAY (Do Anything Yourself) to Makeover - 290304 (At Your Leisure)
Leadership and Motivation in a Changing Business Environment - 230106 (Problem Based Learning)
Leisure and Workplace Stress (At Your Leisure)
Marketing, Ethics, Mission Statements and Profits - 201003 (Mind Your Business)
Never in a Month of Sundays (At Your Leisure)
No Dice: UK Gambling Laws to Change - 251004 (At Your Leisure)
Obesity, Marketing and Business Social Responsibility (Mind Your Business)
Packaging, Protection and Pollution (At Your Leisure)
Pay As You Go - On the Roads (Wanna Argument)
Play for Today (At Your Leisure)
Public Safety v. Personal Freedom: Should all Cyclists wear Helmets? - 170105 (At Your Leisure)
RFID: Manchester City FC and the Billion Dollar Brands - 140205 (At Your Leisure)
The Ban on Hunting - the Death of the Countryside? (Mind Your Business)
The Final Drag: England to Ban Smoking in Public Places - 221104 (At Your Leisure)
The Firefighters' Dispute: Fanning the Flames? (Wanna Argument)
The London Olympic Bid - Money Well Spent? (Mind Your Business)
The Pensions Crisis - What is it all about and should we be worried? (Mind Your Business)
The UK Housing Market: A Place of Your Own? (Wanna Argument)
What Price a Wedding? (Mind Your Business)
World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada): Wada Happening with Drugs in Sport? (Wanna Argument)

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