Human Resource Management

Lesson Plans, Mind Maps and Activities for Educators

Administrative Systems in the Travel and Tourism Industry - Activity (Activities)
Business Communication 1 - Activity (Activities)
Business Communication 1 - Lesson Plan (Lesson plans)
Business Communication 2 - Activity (Activities)
Business Communication 2 - Lesson Plan (Lesson plans)
Business Communication - Mind Map (Mind maps)
Business Organisation - Mind Map (Mind maps)
Business Ownership: Introduction (Lesson plans)
Business Strategy - Activity (Activities)
Business Strategy - Mind Map (Mind maps)
Business Success and Failure 1 (Lesson plans)
Career Opportunities in the Travel & Tourism industry - Activity (Activities)
Case study - Business planning - Business bank - Virtual Bank of Biz/ed (Activities)
Communication: The Role of ICT (Lesson plans)
Company Growth Worksheet [Virtual Factory Accounts Department] (Activities)
Creative Corporate Communication (Lesson plans)
Critical Review of Human Resource Management - Activity (Activities)
Critical Review of Human Resource Management - Lesson Plan (Lesson plans)
Directors' Pay: A Fair Deal? (Lesson plans)
Employment in the Market Economy (Student Version) (Activities)
Functional Areas of a Business (Lesson plans)
Holiday Representatives 1 - Activity (Activities)
Holiday Representatives 2 - Activity (Activities)
Human Resource Management (Lesson plans)
Human Resource Management - Mind Map (Mind maps)
Human Resource Management Worksheet [Virtual Factory Production Department] (Activities)
Human Resources (Student Version) (Activities)
International Business (Lesson plans)
International Business 2: Businesses and Exchange Rates (Lesson plans)
Leadership - Activity (Activities)
Leadership - Lesson Plan (Lesson plans)
Leadership - Mind Map (Mind maps)
Making Arguments Better: Stakeholders - Directors' Pay: A Fair Deal? (Activities)
Management and Leadership (Lesson plans)
Market Research Methods in Travel and Tourism - Activity (Activities)
Minimum Wage [Virtual Learning Arcade] (Activities)
Motivation - Activity (Activities)
Motivation and Pay Worksheet (Student Version) (Activities)
Motivation - Lesson Plan (Lesson plans)
Motivation - Mind Map (Mind maps)
Organisational Functions 1 (Lesson plans)
Organisational Functions 2 (Lesson plans)
Organisational Structures (Lesson plans)
Organisational Structures and Communication (Lesson plans)
People in Business 1 (Lesson plans)
People in Business 1: Control of People in Organisations (Activities)
People in Business 1 - Mind Map (Mind maps)
People in Business 1: Organisational Structures (Activities)
People in Business 1: The Role of People in Business (Activities)
People in Business 1: Working Together (Activities)
People in Business 2 (Lesson plans)
People in Business 2: Final Task (Activities)
People in Business 2: F.W. Taylor (Activities)
People in Business 2: Herzberg - Hygiene Factors and Motivation Factors (Activities)
People in Business 2: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (Activities)
People in Business 2: McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y (Activities)
People in Business 2 - Mind Map (Mind maps)
People in Business 2: The Meaning of Motivation (Activities)
People in Business 2: Theories about Motivation (Activities)
Performance Monitoring (Lesson plans)
Performance Monitoring - Mind Map (Mind maps)
Preparing for Employment in Travel and Tourism - Activity (Activities)
Presenting Research Findings (Lesson plans)
Project Management (Lesson plans)
Provision of Customer Service and its Benefits - Activity (Activities)
Quantitative versus Qualitative Decision Making - Activity (Activities)
Recruiting Staff (Lesson plans)
Recruitment Worksheet (Student Version) (Activities)
Retail Travel Operations in the Travel & Tourism industry 2 - Activity (Activities)
Selling Skills in Travel and Tourism - Activity (Activities)
Should a Business Increase its Director's Pay by 50%? - Directors' Pay: A Fair Deal? (Activities)
Stakeholding Worksheet [Virtual Factory Purchasing Department] (Activities)
Strategic Planning: Tesco - Activity (Activities)
The Ownership of Travel and Tourism Organisations: Takeovers - Activity (Activities)
The Plotter - Questions [Virtual Factory Production Department] (Activities)
The Role and Characteristics of Stakeholders (Lesson plans)
The Stakeholder Economy (Activities)
The Stakeholder Model (Lesson plans)
The Structure of the Travel and Tourism Industry - Activity (Activities)
Trade Unions and Industrial Relations Worksheet (Student Version) (Activities)
Training Staff to Cope With Change (Lesson plans)
Types of Business Organisation (Lesson plans)

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