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Advertising Sweets: What is 'Good Marketing?' (Lesson plans)
Appeal of Tourist Destinations - Activity (Activities)
Business Service Provision (Lesson plans)
Competition in Markets (Lesson plans)
Creative Corporate Communication (Lesson plans)
Customer Service Skills to Deal with Customer Situations - Activity (Activities)
Design Worksheet [Virtual Factory Design Department] (Activities)
Determinants of Price Elasticity of Demand [Virtual Learning Arcade] (Activities)
Developing a Promotional Campaign (Lesson plans)
External Influences 3: Food Labelling - Activity (Activities)
External Influences 4: Business Ethics and Moral Behaviour - Mind Map (Mind maps)
Factors Affecting the Travel and Tourism Industry 1 - Activity (Activities)
Government Intervention in Markets: Prescribed Drugs in North America - Activity (Activities)
Identifying Consumer Types (Lesson plans)
Interpreting Price Elasticity of Demand [Virtual Learning Arcade] (Activities)
Issues and Complications of Delivering Quality Customer Service - Activity (Activities)
Knowing your Customers (Lesson plans)
Marketing in the Travel and Tourism Industry 1 - Activity (Activities)
Marketing in the Travel and Tourism Industry 2 - Activity (Activities)
Marketing Tactics (Lesson plans)
Marketing Worksheets [Virtual Factory Marketing Department] (Activities)
Photos and Questions [Virtual Factory Design Department] (Activities)
Photos and Questions [Virtual Factory Marketing Department] (Activities)
Practical Marketing Skills in Travel and Tourism 1 - Activity (Activities)
Practical Marketing Skills in Travel and Tourism 2 - Activity (Activities)
Pricing Policies, Quality, Adding Value and Advertising (Lesson plans)
Pricing Strategies - Activity (Activities)
Pricing Strategies - Mind Map (Mind maps)
Principles of Online Presence (Lesson plans)
Product Portfolio Analysis - Activity (Activities)
Product Portfolio Analysis - Mind Map (Mind maps)
Provision of Customer Service and its Benefits - Activity (Activities)
Regulation: Competition, Fair Trading and Advertising (Lesson plans)
Retail Travel Operations in the Travel & Tourism industry 2 - Activity (Activities)
Selling Skills in Travel and Tourism - Activity (Activities)
Special Interest Tourism 1 - Activity (Activities)
Special Interest Tourism 2 - Activity (Activities)
The Benefits of e-Business and Marketing (Lesson plans)
The Common Agricultural Policy and the Common Fisheries Policy - Activity (Activities)
The development of the cruise sector - Activity (Activities)
The Marketing Mix - Activity (Activities)
The Marketing Mix in Travel and Tourism 1: Anantara Resort and Spa - Activity (Activities)
The Marketing Mix in Travel and Tourism 2: Anantara Resort and Spa - Activity (Activities)
The Marketing Mix - Mind Map (Mind maps)
Tourism in the Countryside - Activity (Activities)
War or Peace (Price-Fixing) (Activities)
Worksheet on Elasticity (Student Version) (Activities)
Worksheet on Location (Activities)

Case Studies

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A Sector For All Seasons? (At Your Leisure)
As Europe Says 'Hello' to the Euro, is the UK Sound as a Pound? (Wanna Argument)
Back to School (Mind Your Business)
Batteries Included (At Your Leisure)
Building Brands - 241103 (Mind Your Business)
Business Ethics - 5 March 2007 (Problem Based Learning)
Center Parcs UK PLC: Where Leisure and Tourism Meet - 310105 (At Your Leisure)
Cheesed Off (At Your Leisure)
Dealing with Products and Managers that Fail: Corporate Cyanide and Executive Suicide (Wanna Argument)
Drugs, Big Business and Community Service (Wanna Argument)
Elvis Presley and Property Rights (Mind Your Business)
Falling out of Love With Football? (Wanna Argument)
Feminine Hygiene Products (Mind Your Business)
FlyBe: A Regional Specialist? (At Your Leisure)
Football, Finance and the Future (Wanna Argument)
Forever on the Never-Never? (Wanna Argument)
Formula 1 - The Business of Money (Mind Your Business)
From DIY to DAY (Do Anything Yourself) to Makeover - 290304 (At Your Leisure)
Just the Ticket: Ticket Pricing in the UK - 280205 (At Your Leisure)
Life in Mars? (At Your Leisure)
Low Flying Fares - 010304 (At Your Leisure)
Marketing, Ethics, Mission Statements and Profits - 201003 (Mind Your Business)
Marketing Glastonbury - 081203 (Mind Your Business)
Microbreweries: Brewing Up A Storm? (Wanna Argument)
No Dice: UK Gambling Laws to Change - 251004 (At Your Leisure)
No Way to Run a Business? - 020204 (At Your Leisure)
Pay As You Go - On the Roads (Wanna Argument)
Price Sensitivity (Mind Your Business)
Price Targeting (Mind Your Business)
Public Safety v. Personal Freedom: Should all Cyclists wear Helmets? - 170105 (At Your Leisure)
The Name Game (At Your Leisure)
The Power of Advertising (Mind Your Business)
The Psychology of Shopping - 140305 (At Your Leisure)
The Railways - 8 January 2007 (Problem Based Learning)
Total Quality Management and ISO 9000 (Mind Your Business)
Total Recall? (At Your Leisure)
UK Farmers: Crisis Point or Just More Bleating? (Wanna Argument)
What Price a Wedding? (Mind Your Business)
What's Wrong with Football? (At Your Leisure)

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