Mathematics in Business and Economics

Introduction to Mathematics resources.

Mathematics in Business and Economics


This area of Biz/ed looks at mathematics in the context of business and economics. Many students arrive at university to study either economics or business and find that a big barrier to their progress is not the understanding of the economics or business concepts themselves, but the mathematics that goes with it.

This resource is aimed at helping those who lack confidence in using mathematics for economics and business by reviewing some of the basics before moving on to look at some more involved problems.

The first thing to point out is that maths is very much about confidence and being logical. The confidence comes in knowing what to do when and why. The logical bit is ensuring you treat each part of a calculation in the correct order and laying out your answer clearly. If you struggle with maths then remembering these two points will help to ensure a greater degree of achievement and if you achieve, it helps to build your confidence in tackling more complex problems.