Between the Sheets - Economics

Between the sheets is a section focusing on the use of spreadsheets in economics and business. It has support and advice and a variety of downloadable spreadsheets for use.

Between the Sheets - Economics

This section has a variety of downloadable spreadsheets and supporting materials to help use them. There is also a general introduction on using spreadsheets in economics, business and accounting. The spreadsheets are in Microsoft Excel format and require Microsoft Excel 97 or above. The following spreadsheets and supporting materials are available:

Please note that when downloading files, you should take care to scan the files carefully on your system for any viruses. While Biz/ed has made every effort to ensure that all downloadable materials are clear of viruses, we cannot be held responsible for any problems you may encounter as a result of using these files which have been provided by people external to Biz/ed.

Nb: Some of these spreadsheets use macros, these may be disabled by your copy of Microsoft Excel. If the spreadsheets don't appear to work follow the instructions here.

Downloadable spreadsheets Supporting materials Author
  1. Cost analysis
  2. Cost volume profit analysis
  3. Elasticity of demand
  4. Profit maximisation
Duncan Williamson
  1. Working with lines (Excel file 22k)
  2. Market equilibrium (Excel file 123k)
  3. Market with tax (Excel file 199k)
  4. Cardinal utility (Excel file 405k)
  5. Consumer choice (Excel file 112k)
  6. Income and substitution effects (Excel file 102k)
  7. Products and costs (Excel file 33k)
  8. Competitive firm (Excel file 397k)
  9. Competitive industry (Excel file 550k)
  10. Monopoly (Excel file 435k)
  1. Working with lines - worksheet (Word file 27k)
  2. Market equilibrium - worksheet (Word file 22k)
  3. Market with tax - worksheet (Word file 22k)
  4. Cardinal utility - worksheet (Word file 22k)
  5. Consumer choice - worksheet (Word file 28k)
  6. Income and substitution effects - worksheet (Word file 22k)
  7. Products and costs - worksheet (Word file 23k)
  8. Competitive firm - worksheet (Word file 23k)
  9. Competitive industry - worksheet (Word file 22k)
  10. Monopoly - worksheet (Word file 24k)
Richard Green
University of Hull
  1. Demand and supply (Excel file 218k)
  2. Elasticity (Excel file 59k)
  3. Trade (Excel file 47k)
  4. Comparative advantage (Excel file 64k)
  Brian Watson
Plymouth College of Further Education