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Gain access to a wealth of carefully selected core texts through biz/ed's new and updated e-book collections: Biz/ed premier, Biz/ed premier extra & Biz/ed computing

The subscription-based resource offers libraries, lecturers and students instant and round-the-clock access to core textbooks and related materials in accounting, business, management, computing, economics, finance and marketing.

Biz/ed premier

Biz/ed premier offers users the unique opportunity to access and search 26 curriculum-mapped textbooks in business, marketing, economics, accounting and finance. This collection also offers the reader access to articles from well-respected publications and news-based "critical viewpoints" to help stimulate critical thinking.

Biz/ed premier extra

Biz/ed premier extra complements the Biz/ed premier collection and consists of 13 carefully selected accounting, finance, business and management and marketing textbooks.

Biz/ed premier computing

Our Biz/ed computing collection gives you access to 21 of our most popular computer science textbooks. With subject coverage ranging from Java Programming to Web Design Biz/ed computing gives you the benefit of access to a comprehensive selection of materials mapping to the Computer Science curriculum.

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