Study Skills

This section is designed to assist students with basic and general study skills, provide revision and exam help, and offer coursework advice. Resources have been organised under the following headings:

Basic Skills General Skills
Reading Essay Writing
Note Taking Case Studies
Numeracy Data Response
Using the Library Report Writing
IT Citing References
Teamwork Multiple Choice
Communication Using the Web
  Note Making for Economists
Coursework Revision and Exams
Coursework Revision
Business Based Coursework Online Revision Help
Choosing a Company to Research Exam Technique
Gathering Information about a Company Assessment Objectives and Command Words
Threshold Concepts

Threshold Concepts »

Introducing new ways of approaching economic matters to broaden students' understanding.

Spreadsheet Simulations

Spreadsheet Simulations »

This resource illustrates how spreadsheet simulations can be effectively used to help teach economics and business studies.