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Multiple Choice

The multiple choice or objective question paper contains, for most boards, 40 'simple completion' type questions. Each item will have four responses suggested - a key (the correct answer) and three distractors.

It is important to be clear about the breakdown of marks awarded for each skill area on this paper. (The syllabus should give an outline of this). Multiple choice questions are well suited to test knowledge, understanding and application of theories and deal with 'certainty' areas, i.e. where there can only be one correct answer!

How to improve your technique: some general principles

  • Practice as many past papers as possible to familiarise yourself with the style of questions set
  • Read the questions very carefully. Look out for statements with 'not' in them or worse still responses which also have a negative
  • When being asked to apply theory, work out possible answer/s before looking at the responses offered.
  • There are going to be diagrams on the paper - make sure that you really understand what the various graphs you have covered mean, i.e. Theory of the Firm, Aggregate Supply and Demand, etc.
  • Numerical questions fall into a few categories:
    • Simple algebraic manipulation
    • More complex algebraic manipulation
    • Applying an economic principle to data
    • Arithmetic computation
    NB. Every response is a 'possible' answer! Check back to the Basic Skills section on Numeracy for extra guidance.
  • Do not spend too long on each question. You can always go back to it later - remember each question carries the same marks whether straightforward or difficult.

Sources for practice

  • Try having a look at the questions in the Biz/ed question bank
  • Past examination papers and examiner's reports
  • Revision Guides:
    Work Out Economics - Grant & Young (Macmillan)
    Lett's Revise A Level Economics
  • Nutter, R. 100 Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for A Level Economics. Anforme ISBN: 090752950X
  • Glanville, A Multiple Choice Questions for Economics - with Answers Glanville Books; ISBN: 0952474638
  • Maunder, Peter, et al. Economics Explained (Collins)
  • Stanlake, G.F. Introductory Economics Workbook (Longman)
  • Stanlake, G.F. & Harrison, B. Macroeconomics Workbook (Longman)