Breakdown of the Cost of a Hot Air Balloon [Virtual Factory]

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The Breakdown Of A Balloon

Cameron Balloons produce a wide range of products - for more information on the various products they produce take a look at the pages in the introductory Cameron Balloons section on the product range.

If you were thinking of buying a hot-air balloon, there are various bits you will need if you want to fly it. The example we have taken is a balloon model - Type 'N90' - one of the standard models which Cameron Balloons make. This model would be suitable for sponsorship or advertising use. The total cost of the balloon is around £21,885 (2000 price), but there are 3 major elements to this cost. These are the envelope, basket and burners.

However, you need more than just these three bits to go flying. Any attempt to hang an envelope over a basket and fire hot-air into it is sure to end in an embarrassing failure. A whole range of other odds and ends are needed to complete the picture. The links around the balloon below take you to the glossary section to give you further details on that particular item.



Envelope scoop

Padded covers (4)

Inflator fan

Costing a Balloon

Price - depends what you would like!

Shadow double burner


Fuel cylinders (4)

Tether line (50m)

Other equipment

Cushion floor


Total Balloon Cost: £21885 (2000 price) (for a 3-4 person balloon)

These prices refer to the low season which runs from 31 August to 1 Jan. In the high season an envelope will cost around £12,220.

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