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A selection of special shaped balloons made by the company Cameron Balloons on which the virtual factory is based.

Special Shapes

Cameron Balloons have justifiably become world-renowned for their special shape balloons, and there are now over 400 flying in the world - 80% of all the special balloons flying. The shapes seem to become more complex each year.Seeing some of the shapes could be quite disconcerting and in fact the sight of Bertie Bassett or the Lurpak man flying over the hill could in certain circumstances be quite surreal!

Bertie Bassett
Lurpak man

Other Cameron Balloons special shapes have included:

a house

an 'action man'
Action man balloon
and the Independence Day spaceship.Independence Day

Longleat balloon

Record Breaking in 1999, 2002 and 2005

Cameron Balloons has made many record breaking balloons, the most famous of which so far are the successful round-the-world balloons. The first of these was flown in 1999 by Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones and the second world record success was flown by Steve Fossett (solo) in 2002 in the Southern hemisphere.

In November 2005 Dr. Vijaypat Singhania broke another world record in India using a Cameron, Bristol-built hot-air balloon flying to 69,852 feet, in a Cameron-made Z-1600 (1.6 million cubic foot) balloon over Mumbai, travelling in a pressurized gondola.

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