Cameron Balloons Production Department [Virtual Factory]

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Introduces the production department and its functions within the operation of Cameron Balloons - a part of the virtual factory.


Welcome to the production section of the Cameron Balloons factory. It is here that the balloons are actually produced. Most of the production takes place on the top floor, though some of the sewing and artwork takes place downstairs. In this area you have a variety of options. You can access these by clicking on the links to the left below the factory plan.

Clicking anywhere on the production area of the factory plan will always return you to this page, and you can jump to any other area of the factory by clicking on the plan.

The resources available in this section are:

  • Explanation - This section tells you how balloons are produced.
  • Theories - This section looks at various business studies theories relevant to production including production techniques, costs and efficiency.
  • Photos and questions - This section looks at some photos of production and asks questions about what the photos show.
  • Worksheets - This section has four worksheets for you to try about production, investment decisions, human resource management and costs.
  • Issues - This section raises some problems and issues faced by Cameron balloons in producing balloons.
  • Staff - This section takes a key member of the production staff and looks at their role.
  • Further work - This section considers some other work you could look at to help improve your understanding of production further.

Our new 'Day in the Life' feature has a profile of the Production Managers' typical working day.