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Small Farm 1 - Monze

The Importance of Small Scale Agriculture

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Monze village is located in an impoverished highly populated area of communally owned land, known as reserve and trust land, set aside for indigenous people by the former British colonial administration in the 1920s. Often the members of a family will have plots in various locations and have to walk considerable distances to their fields. Some of the land is used to grow maize, the staple crop for many Zambians. Maize is used to produce Nshima, a thick maize porridge. Other land is used to grow as millet, sorghum and leguminous crops such as beans.

The Impact of Drought on Poverty
Dry River Bed

Sometimes there is a tendency to have a romantic view of rural life. In Zambia as in many LDCs this could not be further from the truth. Many people residing in rural environments live in absolute poverty. When the rains fail and droughts occur the poverty worsens and people must resort to desperate strategies in order to survive. Your visit to Monze will enable you to gain a better understanding of poverty and how poverty impacts on the everyday lives of people and the communities in which they live.

As the pressure for land is becoming more intense the levels of poverty are worsening. Many young people are leaving their villages and heading towards the towns and cities looking for paid employment. The elderly, women and children are often left to endure worsening hardships.

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