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Trade Resources

In order to facilitate your understanding of the issues and theories relating to International Trade a number of resources have been provided. Some of the data is required in the worksheets however students and teachers may find the time series data given below for Zambia useful as a general resource.


The following datasets are specifically related to the issues covered on this trade tour. They can be downloaded from the resources section of the site.

Data set
Non Traditional Exports
Balance of payments.xls
External debt and as % of GDP and % of exports.xls
Structure of debt.xls
Official and parallel exchange rates.xls
Debt service to commercial banks.xls
Current account balance.xls
Total Debt service.xls
Taxes on imports.xls
Export destinations.xls
Exports and imports as a % of GDP .xls
Imports and Exports
Invisible Balance
Government spending as % of total .xls
Balance of trade


There are two worksheets associated with the tour:

Trade Policy
Exchange Rates
Aid, Trade and Development

There is also a full listing of all the theories and all the issues considered in this Trade Tour.

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