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Biographical and theoretical information about Jean-Baptiste Say.

Economists - Jean-Baptiste Say (1776-1832)

Jean-Baptiste Say

Jean-Baptiste Say was French. In itself this is not an important fact, but it does help to explain why Say was responsible for introducing much of the work of Adam Smith to continental Europe. Say was highly influenced by the work of Adam Smith and was also friends with David Ricardo and Thomas Malthus. He visited England on a number of occasions to see them. The fact that he was French may also help to explain why his view of economics was perhaps a bit more optimistic than those of his friends!

Another factor in his more practical and optimistic approach to economics was perhaps that Say started out as a businessman, and developed an interest in economics in the early 19th century. He began lecturing in the subject at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers where he was the Chair of Industrial Economy and then moved on to the College de France in 1831, shortly before his death.

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